Who is Samsung Girl? Samsung Sam Virtual Assistant Characters, Name, Age, Rule

Samsung girl

The most popular mobile brand Samsung is gearing up with its new Mascot character which is going viral on social media and users of the brand are eagerly waiting for this update. Lightfarm design firm has been designed to have a Mascot character with a marketing agency for Samsung owned by Samsung. While the product has never been integrated into any kind of campaign, pictures or images of the letter mascot were uploaded to the light farm firm’s site but the company has now been deleted. Yes, the firm has deleted those images from its website.

Who is Samsung Girl?

Samsung Girl has been trending all over social media and fans are keen to learn more about Sam – the latest virtual assistant. The character’s name is Samantha, designed as an Samsung girl with bright eyes, a generous woman who likes to stuff on tunes, find and install apps on her Samsung mobile phone, and of course text and chat with her friends. In short, we can also say that she is a 21st century girl who is interested in trying out all the fun and essential content of samsung mobile phones.

Samantha has become the new sensation and interest of the internet and also goes viral overnight. Not only that but she will also be seen on Tik Tok which means the character is highly appreciated by Samsung users. Nothing so shocking about Samantha’s popularity as Pixar was yet another character of a personality driven by design and this is known as Persona.

Sam Block has new software and it looks like it will make you forget all about Bixby, a production house that focuses on visual art is the makers of the new virtual assistant that they designed for Samsung and the name of the virtual assistant is to be Sam who is the successor to the long-running virtual assistant who has long been naming at Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Sam Virtual Assistant Name, Age, Rule

  • Name: Sam
  • Full Name: Samantha
  • Release Date: 1 June
  • Age: 24 years
  • Rule: Voice, text
  • Gender: Female

Samsung phone is already equipped with Bixby including Alexa and Siree, while Samantha is neglecting it as users don’t even need it and she stays with it and it’s going to pop up on our phones.

The character has previously been designed on 2D version and now Sansing has updated this character named Samantha to the 3D version, it has been very interesting, engaging and modern. The mascot character was designed by both companies including Lightfarm and Cheil Agency. Lightfarm named the charter “Sam.” And apart from that, Light Farm has also provided some short test clips If anyone feels like seeing a virtual assistant in an action, you may be wondering why Samsung approached a company to design a virtual assistant for them so let us tell you that Light Farm is an award winning company and multiple awards for their contribution to the world of visual arts production as they are also recognized by Cannes and they LIA is also the winner of the Grand Prix but it is likely that the company may have sent its technicians to work with the company as this is a core of Samsung products but these are just assumptions.

Why is Samantha trending?

The reason behind her trending is her striking looks and beauty which is attracting users. The virtual assistant looks glamorous to Samsung users.

The virtual assistant naming Samantha has gone completely viral on the internet as to how stunning people are finding her look, for the most part, Sam is just a concept at this stage, it’s certainly an artificial intelligence designed by the world-renowned company Light Farm which is globally known for visual arts production and has also won the LIA Grand Prix award and the company itself is owned by Samsung.


How to use Samsung Assistant Sam

Artificial intelligence is so clearly created by them, there may be a scenario where it can replace The Bixby which is the current artificial virtual intelligence being used by Samsung in their devices but Samsung has announced about having new artificial virtual intelligence but they have also confirmed that Sam is not their hope and will not replace That Bixby They have clearly stated that it is only Samsung’s chat box and it seems to be.

The company has made it clear that they are not going to replace Bixby with Sam as they have said that AI is going to be used as a chatbot of Samsung’s service team and the same is going to happen when users try to connect with Samsung through Facebook, Instagram or any other platform and they have also stated that based on the user’s location they are going to change The Look of Sam as stated in the official promotion of Samsung’s customer service.

Samsung Assistant Sam Wallpaper (HD)

Samsung Assistant Wallpaper (HD)

The last point is to clear the minds of most people as the company is saying that the pictures shared on the internet are one of Sam’s avatars as they are going to design Sam according to different markets and the pictures were just a 3D version of the already existing 2D version of Sam so it seems Samsung has cleared the air by responding to users’ doubts and it seems they are coming up with a new AI The successor who will be Bixby but it is not going to be Sam as it has been said by the company itself and now the internet can finally conquer it as obsession was only growing on the internet and it seems this is going on to obscure the impact.

Samsung Galaxy Sam Virtual Assistant

Samsung Galaxy Sam Virtual Assistant

Lightfarm is the name of the company that has come up with a new virtual assistant for Samsung and they have managed to publish many pictures of the virtual assistant and after seeing the assistant you are definitely going to get vibes of war corner Alita but there is no confirmation from the company about what inspired them to make the virtual character look like a game character and it seems there is nothing bad about it They have basically been inspired by a character that is being loved by people around the world and can be beneficial for the company, except that the new render looks extraordinary but there is speculation in the air that Samsung is going to choose such a unique art style that Light Farm has introduced to them.

The company has not officially revealed anything about this new virtual assistant that they are planning to enjoy in their products and they have not even given any indication as they have not said anything about replacing Bixby so this could turn off for many as the idea seems too close and it seems that users will have to wait for an ad from the company itself in which some time It may seem.

There are numerous questions going on in the user’s mind about Samantha, thus one of them is here “How will this virtual assistant Samantha help her users?”

Aides at designing firm “Lighthouse” did not unveil or discuss anything about the work or help Smuthon is going to do for its Samsung users.

While another question is being published and this is “Is Samantha the location of Samsung virtual assistant Bixby?”

Well, there’s no specific answer to this question from lighthouse aides. Users are claiming that Sam looks very much like the character Pixie.



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