Emily Wickersham is pregnant! NCIS agent Bishop shares the good news via Instagram

Emily Wickersham is pregnant

Former NCIS star Emily Wickersham has announced that she is pregnant. The star shared this news in a post Instagram today (Friday, July 30). After tagging actress James Badge Dale in her pregnancy post, now some are eager to know more about the love life of the actress.

Emily Wickersham announced on Instagram that she is pregnant

Emily Wickersham, who is known for her role as an agent on NCIS, announced that she expects a post for her 337,000 followers on Instagram today, Friday (July 30).

In the post, Wickersham also stood out in floral backdrop in a matching black bikini as she showed off her growing baby bump.

Captioning the picture, the actress revealed that she was her mother behind the camera because she was angry about the sweet moment. She wrote: “My mom is taking a photo of the future mom with the baby boy on the way!”

Who is the boyfriend of the actress? James Badge Dale was tagged in the ad

While announcing the news of her pregnancy, Wickersham was spotted Tag actor James Badge Dale on his baby bump Some wonder if the two are dating.


The pair have previously featured each other on their Instagram, though have not yet confirmed whether they are together.

Emily Wickersham is seen keeping her love life out of the spotlight after she broke up with ex-husband Blake Anderson Henley.

Emily Wickersham and Henley, who were married in 2010, reportedly went their separate ways in 2018, eight years ago.

Why did Emily Wickersham leave NCIS?

Emily Wickersham is best known for her role as Agent Ally Bishop on the CBS drama series NCIS, who first joined the show’s cast in 2013.

However, in May the NCIS star announced that he would be quitting his role in the show in a post on Instagram after eight years.

While the actress did not give a reason for her departure, some sites believe that the reason for her exit may be to move on to other projects.

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